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I grew up in New Zealand, where rugby is taught before you can walk. I had two

older brothers, so our backyard was always a rugby field, and even the lounge when

the weather was too cold. My dad played top club rugby, my uncle was an All Black,

so every family gathering revolved around watching rugby, talking rugby and of

course, for the children, playing rugby. 

Rugby is a sport about which countless books could be written. And yet, as a kid who

loved both rugby and books, I found very little to combine the two. Even now, as a

father with a son who shares my passions, there seem to be very few books that

shed light on the intricacies of this beautiful but sometimes complicated game.

Which explains why I’m excited to present this book to young rugby lovers throughout the world. A book to educate young players but also to entertain. To learn the skills to become a great player but also the values that make this a great game. This is a game that can be played by all and similarly this is a book to be enjoyed by all. 


I have a lifetime of memories and a long list of friends thanks to rugby and I hope this book will allow readers to both understand the game and appreciate all the opportunities rugby has to offer. 

A word (or two) from Conrad Smith, Former All Black and two-time Rugby World Cup winner

Inside The Book...

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rebellious girls playing rugby

rugby in space (with aliens)

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the original protective gear

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